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  1. yeah!

    1st comment.

  2. Alessandra is the worst example of a good whr, she got the most manly waist ever >.< everyone like to prentends that big hips are what is attractive, when REALLY its a teeny tiny waist. That and good boobs is definately the most important body part to me
  3. oh yeah and what is NOT sexy is like glamour girls, like bleach blonde hair, fake tits, saggy tits, big tits, no tits, anything but perfect tits. Also girls who pose naked/show off their bodies etc got no mystique about them, and Im instantly not interested.
  4. You cant get sexier then Hilary Rhoda, she's the most goegous thingI ever seen :sex: For a bloke to be sexy to me obviously he got to look good, but its best if he's a rude boi but is nice to me and only me
  5. Hils got a cover and an ed in the autumn Time mag. Scanned by luxx at tfs. a version of the cover from the time website. She does this pose alot Im upset coz Hily's done no shows
  6. she broked her toe by walking into a sofa or something
  7. yeah she been wearing a cast on her right leg. anyway...Rihanna is gorgeous gorgeous face, gorgeous body & boobs don't like hr black hair tho, it was much better in her pon de replay or SOS days
  8. I thinks some of you has been telling porky pies... coz im incredibly slim yet you all seems to be almost as slim as me, and Im a really unusual build.
  9. I really really really wants my ears pierced. Im 16 and still not had them yet!! All my friends had there ears done when they was babies, or at leats before they started primary school, and I used to gets so jealous when they come into school wearing big gold earings (I stll does gets jealous ) I really wants it done still, but Im so scared Does ear piercing on the fleshy bit of the lobe hurt?? even a little bit?? Coz I got sensory intergration disorder so for me I feels pain more then normal people, and even if I didnt have SID I would still be a pussy so Im a massive wimp :s I also wants my bellybutton done I also wants a tattoo, a little star on my finger tip to symbolize me beng able to do whatever I sets my mind to, but Im scared of that too!!
  10. I Coco. She's my second favourite model. She got an incredible body, but no one mentions it!! (well Ive not read this thread but I never seen no one mention it before) She's naturally thin, with long legs, a falt stomach, pert arse and boobs - her boobs are fucking perfect they're the perfect size and the perfect shape, and I seen pics of her without a bra and its not an illusion And she got porcelain clear skin, and she's a very talented model
  11. Im not adorable, Im a gangsta :blueeyedbaby: I want a set but I cant be arsed (<--see??? I AM gangsta )
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