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  1. Okay. Im going to bed. its 11:16

  2. About what i have been busy with? No one can know!

  3. Good. Cus you know that it cant be known. :shifty:

  4. Yes i am. And shhhh!!! No one can know what i am doing! :ninja:

  5. Thanks. Ive just been sooo busy.

  6. Thats cool. Enjoy

  7. Hey! How is my fav admin?

  8. Its good to be back. I am okay. How about yourself?

  9. I know this is very very late but happy belated birthday!!!!

  10. Not so much leaving but not come back as often.

  11. Yea. But don't get to attatched.

  12. Not much... same old same old. Just watching the Pats go undefeated.

  13. Thats great. What you been up to?

  14. Good and you?

  15. Thank you! And I did!

  16. Thanks man!!! And you are no hermit yourself!

  17. Thank you, are a so nice!

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