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  1. Hello si here is the most beauty model in the world I dont know her I D but I think she is french and she is tall also  she should be at least  little more then 5 foot 9 or somthing like that and with her heel shoes sh is about6 foot 1 lol like superwander woman  look at her dreamy face her strong sexy body and her fashionable style and I like that hat as well  along with her well groomed hair wow  what a stunning & beauty model this Brunette , bow down to the queen and admire her  I do that is why I put her image on my windows screen and on the Bellazon my page too , damm nice creation by the lords ....wish to know also her ID if you can find me , it is difficult she works for a big brand that is the Triumph Intl any way she is  the most no 1 person like &admire  in the world .🙏❤️🙂




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