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  1. style to match his. Like with Ryan she was little miss rocker girl, then she was blonde and little miss Priss then comes Pete and shes like.. "vintage" if you will. Like please.

  2. depends which way you mean. I like her singing, CD-wise. her singing live is just a no-no. Her newest CD im not a fan of but Autobiography was well written i think. Personality wise, shes not that swift. And she needs to find herself and stop comparing to everyone else. Boohoo your sister is more famous, so? live your own life. And its stupid that with every boyfriend she gets she changes her styl

  3. you know you should really get MSN because its alot easier to talk that way :P

  4. yeah its pretty much what i like to call the bomb. diary was friggen wikked though especially when Pete was that kangaroo and the kid went nuts..friggen hilarious i couldnt help but nearly die.

  5. yeah there pretty awesome, not a fav. though

  6. afi is the bomb, yo. nah it wasnt exactly amazing but hey. I love their video for Miss Murder its just pro..i need to get my hands on a black bunny xD

  7. yeh i watched it on youtube ;) amazing as always

  8. i dont like rap either :/ its only akon, i dont know why. anyways. thanks :) Petes the man. Well my man. :)

  9. yeah haha , well i listen to akon too, i forgot him, hes the only hip hop i listen to of any sort, his voice is just beautiful. P!ATD - Ryan ross. hes the bomb and his makeup blows me away

  10. something corporate, jimmy eat world, new found glory, motion city soundtrack, three days grace, system of a down, yellowcard, unwitten law, dead city sunday, suburbs, self against city, relient k, cute is what we aim for, the academy is.., brand new, jet, AFI, , funeral for a friend, enter shikari, , ateryu, bowling for soup, marilyn manson, get cape. wear cape. fly...

  11. angels & airwaves, blink182, greenday, disturbed, evanescence, nirvana, avril lavigne, NOFX, sum41, papa roach, from first to last, the postal service, a static lullaby, coheed & cambria, underoath, finch, juliana theory, 3doorsdown, armor for sleep, jacks mannequin, plain white t's, death cab for cutie

  12. haha no way. Music is like a heart attack in a hsopital, the centre of attention. to me anyways. Fall out Boy if the just band i can relate to the most. i also like

    hawthorne heights, billy talent, panic! at the disco, senses fail, taking back sunday, the used, bullet for my valentine, breaking benjamin, hinder, slipknot, him, afi, my chemical romance, hellogoodbye, box car racer, angels

  13. yes i know ;) and i live in sweden.

  14. haha sweet, whos your first favorite? i like 1. Adriana

    2. Natasha

    3. Ana Beatriz Barros

    4. Miranda Kerr

    5. Karolina Kurkova/Oluchi

    yeah pete wentz is like my world, but hes really overrated, people just like him for his looks but i like him for much more than that. emo is the new trend, you know.

  15. of course. ive loved pete since evening out with your girlfriend..my name is falloutgirl55 :P need i say more? theres never been anyone before him

  16. my name is Brittany Wentz :P have msn?

  17. hey (: can you post the original picture of your display picture in candids? id really appreciate it :D have a nice day ;D

  18. ok i was just about to reply but i forget what you asked and i have to update the site but yeah ok i love your fezz icon hes the bomb i watch that 70s show religiously. when i moved to Sweden i couldnt speak a single world of Swedish and my mom called me fezz..

  19. haha still in school? of course im only 15 xD but maybe you mean for the summer? nah. i have 10 days left but the last week is like going on field trips and all that jazz. but i have summer school for 3 weeks but yeah haha you?

  20. thanks for the add <3

  21. i know right! they should make it like...idk freddy kreuger when they have like 10 its so awesome!

  22. omg that was a long message xD

  23. haha the new pirates? its so amazing eh! i love jack <3 hes so hott and he has the best humor he shot his clone and hes like "my peanut.." lmfao i laughed so hard. but i thought it got kind of boring in the middle with all the fights, i think the 2nd had better scenes and the 3rd dragged it on a little but all in all it was super! :D

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