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  1. hello :D

    im doing great, especially since there are so many new Adriana pictures its crazy ;P


  2. thank you so much :) im a huge adriana lima fan xD shes amazing.

  3. thanks for the add :) are you new?

  4. hii :D

    thanks! i love it too, i request it and supermodel diva made it, shes really amazing at doing these things :D

  5. hehe^

    thanks me too, i got it made for me by supermodel diva ;D

  6. Hello Persuazn,

    you have some gifs of diff models & i was wondering if i could use them in a compilation video im making of my favourite models..

    your name will still be on it and so the credit will be there

    but i was just making sure if it was alright with you

    msg me a.s.a.p please :)

  7. hey! i love your new adriana avi ^.^

  8. random much? :P

    i go there once a year and im from ottawa, the capital ;)

    where u from? girl or boy :O ?

  9. wasnt it? such an angel <3

  10. whos your top 5 then? and can i just say your avi is amazing, she takes my breath away each time. really good job :) <3

  11. thank you! :D jakstat made it for me, hes sp amazing at making sigs a nd avis ^.^

  12. hi <3

    i want to thank you for the Ana stuff you sent ^.^ your always so nice and generous, and your Adriana&Ana sites are so amazing <3 keep up the work ^-^

  13. thanks for the add <3 and for all the great posts you make on Adriana :} your a true fan <3

  14. hey nothingless (=

    you know those Adriana gifs you made and posted on the Babe GIF'S thread from the VS PJ Party? theyre amazing! can i use one of them for my avi?

  15. lol ;D I SWEAR OVER MY DEAD BODY. i actually lie and say im 5'4 xD i hate it :'(


  16. hey, really random but i was looking at a celeb gossip site and came across Heidi so i thought id show you (idk if its new or old) but go here


    shes on the first page, but maybe theyll update the site so chances are she can be on the second :)

  17. l0o0o0o0ol! ^.^ whatcha scanning`?

  18. thanks for the add, i always thought i had you! thank you for all the contributes you make on the Adriana forum! <3 have a good day

  19. thanks for the add, i always thought i had you! thank you for all the contributes you make on the Adriana forum! <3 have a good day

  20. hey ! :D i love that pete avi you made! i was wondering if you could make one just for me (A) it would be the same thing except diff pictures? id really appreciate it if you could, i need a new set so bad! xD

    have a nice day <3

  21. oh my god im so jealous :) i dont love Brazil just because of Adriana :P its like so full of exotic animals like different kinds of birds and stuff and the beaches just everything, it makes me so happy :)

  22. heh ana bb brings alot of sexiness, shes a really beautiful girl. But no one compares to Adriana ;)

    so you live in brazil :O

  23. AWW thank you :)

    im gonna add you back right now :P

  24. hey (: i was wondering if you could post the picture of Adriana topless in your sig somehwere on her forum or upload it on a picturehost and send me the link? id really appreciate it :) <3

  25. yeah well it was the first elimantion as of now there are 18

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