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  1. Hey carmelita do you know which mag that editorial is from? (the forth one in post 1363, with Hilary) Thanks
  2. more (there all from The Fashion Spot)
  3. I found his thread at tfs and I think that hes really cute Mael Dalla-Zuanna He is Danish Height: 6'2 Suit: 38 Shoe: 11 Hair: Dark brown Eyes: Brown
  4. Thats weird, on the bottom of the second pic they spelled her name Nathalia
  5. umm for what? She hasn't actually confirmed that shes gay(that I know of) but i have heard and read several interviews where she refers to her ""lover." she never says boyfriend. and if you visit her forum at tfs they think so as well.
  6. posted by seanutbutter at tfs
  7. My friend has it as well but I dont know much about it. Except to wear lots of sunscreen and drink water
  8. when you look at this picture closly, you can see that it says tonight. Iv also seen a pic where you could read it better but i cant find it
  9. found it you can see half of it at least
  10. im pretty sure her wrist says "This world tonight" i had a pic, ill try and find it
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