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  1. Juan, Antonio & Jerry V #67 Preview Ph: Karl Lagerfeld M: Lara, Baptiste & Javier I can't wait to see the full ed
  2. Kanye West, Selita Ebanks, Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr enjoying the action - at the US Open
  3. I know this is a repost and I apologize but I just love this. She looks so beautiful in these.
  4. ^^^ I agree! So it is indeed fact that Vogue made them "not look their best" in that photo, according to some. On screen and in motion they all look beautiful. Side Note: I love that the band's name is How to Destroy Angels
  5. She is gorgeous but I don't like the bangs this time. But thank goodness she didn't really cut her hair. Whoever does it always does an a amazing job. It always look like hers.
  6. More photos from the Allure Sept. 2010 issue.
  7. The Cast of 'The Spin Crowd' Visits the Paramount Hotel. Kim is the executive producer of the show.
  8. LOL ^^^ Cosmopolitan(US cover), Harper's Bazaar, Elle, now Allure cover. I wouldn't be surprised if she got Vogue.
  9. Does anyone know who she is? I saw her on several blogs and they didn't put a name.
  10. I have the rest of Lance Staedler shots large but does anyone have this one in a larger version?
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