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  1. Lol....i'm not flipping out but when you write 'mini me' of Adriana Lima it pretty much means your saying she looks like her. But whatever, its just annoying to see that every single model is supposedly a younger version of Adriana Lima.
  2. YES! thank u! NOT EVERYONE looks like Adriana! Just cause they have DARK hair and LIGHT eyes does NOT mean they look like Adriana.... please, this is getting so annoying!!!!! Adriana has her OWN look, yes their can be similar features but not every girl with light eyes, big lips, and dark hair looks like Adriana. Dont get me wrong, she is a very pretty girl but....she has her own look and she doesn't look like Adriana to me, especially when you look close.
  3. It's because of the work she's done to her face. She looks completely different now compared to '05 or '06. But I agree, she is looking more like her mom with the work done. Yeah exactly. She's getting SOMETHING done to her face because it's like getting tighter and tighter. She's starting to look like a cat. And yeah she's looking more like her mom partly because she's getting tighter. It's so fucking sad, she looked fine before....... Yeah, her face is definitely tighter. She admitted to using botox in an interview with ET. But personally, I think she's done more than just botox. Her nose looks like it has had work done too. It also looks like there was something done to her eyes, they look so different from before like more squinty now
  4. Thanks for the pics! I wish i could have gone, but I found out last minute
  5. {name}


    I love her dress and makeup in those pics! Marko and Adriana are so cute together
  6. I met them at a meet and greet thing at walgreens, they were there to promote some beauty line products their coming out with. But seriously they are sweethearts! They are so down to earth, and whoever doesn't think so is just hating! haha
  7. {name}


    Love this editorial so much! Adriana looks gorgeous as usual
  8. Her face looks the same to me, and I actually think she looks less-fake (if that made any sense) now then she did back in '07
  9. Ok, seriously her body looks AMAZING! she is one hot mom!
  10. I just met her and her mom today! They are soo sweet and down to earth, i love them!
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    She looks really cute with those kittens! Thank u Sasha!
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    It's new to me, thank u!
  13. {name}


    Yeah seriously, im so glad we are finally getting to see more of Adriana! I think she looks great no matter how tired or whatever! Just be happy we are getting new pics of her!
  14. {name}


    Yeah she does look tired...i think she's jet lagged
  15. {name}


    Yeah she does look tired...i think she's jet lagged
  16. {name}


    Thanks Sav! She looks so gorgeous, and i love her dress!
  17. {name}


    She's adorable!
  18. {name}


    She's so beautiful, i just want to hug her! soo soo adorable, i love her!!!!!
  19. Can someone please pleaseeee make me a set with these pics!! avi: sig: Can u write valentina lima jaric on it and a heart I'd really appreciate it!
  20. Omg i fell in love with these ads when i saw em at Bloomingdales! SO gorgeous
  21. I think that is Michelle Vawer. Just checked out her thread, i do think its her!
  22. theres more pics here: http://www.shopbop.com/ci/3/lb/brand/pncey/pncey-02.html whoever she is, she looks just like Emily!
  23. Same here! Her style is amazing...
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