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  1. Click on my signature ;)

  2. angelqueen

    America's Next Top Model

    yeah, just look @ my avi & ull hav no doubt that i would win! i cant believe they sent home natasha!
  3. angelqueen

    Big Malibu welcome

    go californians! whats with the squinty eyes?
  4. i guess thats good tho it doent really match. thnx tho
  5. i have to go shopping with my frends but ill b back eventually. l8r

  6. which 1 of the girls in ur personal photo is u?

  7. angelqueen

    What does the signature of the person above you say about them?

    she likes guys with 6 packs.
  8. angelqueen

    supermodels battle: alessandra vs gisele

    i think they r both ugly! the only pretty VS model is adriana!
  9. angelqueen

    General Lingerie/Underwear/Sleepwear

    these r so hot! sumday im going to go lesbian with her!
  10. angelqueen


    that's not Adriana. I remember this photo been posted before. it's not the right shoes, lefs, nose, hair, shape of face... that is so her! look at the face. what do u mean not the right soes? im sure she owns more than 1 pair! & her hair was red for a while but she dyes it so much for all we know it could be purple now.
  11. angelqueen

    Victoria's Secret Lingerie/Underwear

    those are hot!
  12. angelqueen

    Andrew Cooper

    he could blow me anytime!
  13. hey, whos the hottie in ur avi?

  14. angelqueen

    Eugen Bauder

    im getting hot just looking at him!