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  1. Wow, that dress in images 3-8! Is that recent??
  2. So Victoria's Secret has a new catalog. I'm sure it's nothing like the old one, but I can't find how to get on the mailing list. Online there only seems to be an email sign up. Does anyone know the answer?
  3. I might have found evidence of her wearing it as late as 2015 ... in this photo shoot for Ocean Drive, she is wearing her navel piercing on page 214 (published 2015). But, there's something odd about the photo, she looks younger and has longer, less wavy hair than in other pictures from the same photo shoot. So I'm not really convinced that it's from that same photo shoot, even if it was published together with it. Still, I hold out hope that she wants to keep showing off her navel piercing!
  4. Does Adriana ever still wear a belly ring? I think her pierced belly was one of her hottest features circa early 2000s, but I never see her with a belly ring anymore 🙁 Did it become too "outie" for her to wear the ring after her pregnancy?
  5. Here's a blast from the past (VS 2003 Holiday Sale catalog). Does anyone know who this cutie is? Thanks in advance.
  6. Maybe you can give us a few more clues ... was she wearing a dress in the photo, or was she mostly naked and using the hat to hide her boobs? Was she lying prone, supine, on her side? Did it look like an official campaign photo, or something snapped on someone's phone?
  7. I'm glad I could help! Now, if anyone has high-res (or at least higher res) versions of these pics of Alessandra eating a popsicle, I'd be very grateful. She posted this on Instagram a few months ago. Either they are previously unpublished images from the VS archives, or ones that I don't remember ever seeing before.
  8. I see that back in March, Alessandra posted some old VS Pink pics on Instagram, but I've never seen them before. Were they previously unreleased? Please let me know if anyone has them in higher res ... the ones with the lollipop are amazing! https://www.instagram.com/p/B9p2bsclnN8/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  9. I wish this were high-res and not so grainy. Favorite part is where she lies on her stomach and kicks her feet.
  10. I DM'ed you so we can talk about other models and not get in trouble with mods. Mmm white does look very nice with her skin tone, but it's not as amazing as red to me. She seems very fond of "nude" colors for her toenails, like in the first image below. She does sometimes still wear red, but usually when I see it it's a dark red (second image below). I really miss the vibrant, confident red she had in the earlier pic I linked to. To me, those bright red toe nails are like a belly ring, they both signal sexual confidence that I find extremely hot. But Alessandra already broadcasts that with her eyes ... I think most guys like her because she has such an extremely suggestive gaze.
  11. Hey VS lovers, can anyone tell me which VS models have belly piercings? All I know for sure is Alessandra, Adriana, and Ana Beatriz Barros. I think Rachel Hilbert has a piercing but never wears a belly ring? I really miss the good old days when Alessandra and Adriana would rock those belly rings ...
  12. Does Rachel ever wear a belly ring? I see in some of her ultra HD pics that she has a piercing, but I've never seen her wear a belly ring!
  13. Oh wow, I think Daniela Lopez would look beautiful with a belly piercing. I hope she does it! I also think Kelly Gale would look amazing with one. But unfortunately, it seems like they don't start with one, models don't get new piercings mid-career? How about Adriana, does she ever still wear hers? Or did she stop for the same reason as Alessandra? Now that I try to start looking, I can barely find another VS models with belly piercings besides Alessandra and Adriana. Ana Beatriz Barros has one (but mostly just wears a ring in really old pictures), and I think I saw a pic of Camila Morrone with one once, but I can't find it again ... Oddly enough, Rachel Hilbert clearly has a belly piercing as you can see if you zoom into her ultra high res pictures, but I cannot find any pictures of her with a belly ring ..?! 🙁 The best pictures I could find of Alessandra's belly button from 2006 here and here seem to show a tiny bit of flesh toward the inner top pre-pregnancy, but she seems to have been more solidly a innie back then. Well, I think hers was and still is amazing both before and after. I've heard it said that belly buttons look sexual because they are vaguely shaped like vaginas. I think in Alessandra's case, maybe that tiny "outie" bit at the top looks a bit like a clit and maybe adds to the effect. I really hope Alessandra can wear a belly ring again one day, and I also miss her painting her toes. I mean, back in the day she looked so hot with red toenails. Does she ever do this anymore?
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