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  1. Hi guys, didnt know where to make this threat but can somebody help me to find the celeb who already have taken this pose? left leg in front and the other leg "stretched" I thought it was Beyonce, Rihanna or Ciara, but cant find the pic...
  2. ahaa, great news! i dont sign in to msn also..;pp

  3. thank youu!

  4. hahah good! i have not much time for forums and stuff so thats why i login 2-3 times in a mounth ;p how are you ?

  5. ...who's the model in the pic?! : D Sorry for this topic - didnt saw one so please dont delete it anybody knows her name?
  6. :P remember me?

  7. Carmen is coming back in season 6?!
  8. New Wallpaper... one of my fave pics of adriana ... hope you like it...
  9. Merry Christmas to you too! Long not speak...

    have a great week!

  10. we want Carmen baaaaaaaack!!!!!
  11. Whoooowww wait a minute...I dont hate Klum cuz I can remember how to spell her name...Well I liked her lil bit before but after Germany's Next Topmodel I cant stand her...I just dont like
  12. Jessica Alba Cameron Diaz Fergie Mariah Carey Lindsay Lohan! :yuckky: Haidy Clum - I always forget how to spell her damn name...Haidy Klum, Heidy, Haidi, Heidi?!!?! wtf... Scarlett Johansson !!!!! Jojo The Olsen twins Eva Longoria Britney Spears X-tina Jessica Simpson Halle Barry and more...
  13. Its not a model but she falls
  14. Ya, you like it?! :P

  15. 1. Daria Werbowy (3) 2. Gemma Ward (4) 3. Jessica Alba (0) You are dismissed!!!! :evil: 4. Miranda Kerr (3) 5. Caroline Trentini (2)
  16. I was for Bulgaria, cuz they had really good song and the way that she sings is really difficult and also to drum at the same time its really hard, but she has a great voice and Im proud of them!! 5th place (I think (dont remember anymore : P) )!! Next year automatically to the final! EDIT: The best winner of all I think Helena Paparizou was the one who really showed that good music and good looks !!
  17. 1. Gisele Bundchen (8) 2. Nicole Kidman (7) 3. Kate Beckinsale (8) 4. Daria Werbowy (9) 5. Nataniele Ribiero (7) 6. Milla Jovovich (9) 7. Angelina Jolie (9) 8. Jessica Alba (8) 9. Kate Moss (5) 10. Rachel Bilson (10)
  18. Thank youu!! :*

  19. It was between Adriana and Gisele but for this time i voted forrrrrrrrrrrrr - G-i-s-e-l-e
  20. Happy B-day!!!

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