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  1. {name}

    Guess the pose...

    Hi guys, didnt know where to make this threat but can somebody help me to find the celeb who already have taken this pose? left leg in front and the other leg "stretched" I thought it was Beyonce, Rihanna or Ciara, but cant find the pic...
  2. ahaa, great news! i dont sign in to msn also..;pp

  3. Happy Birthday! Nice avi ^,^

  4. Argh, I meant "I understand" in that first sentence.

  5. I'm understand! I don't post here much anymore either - I don't sign in to MSN much either anymore. >.< But in news, I'm doing good. I'm about to move into a new apartment in an area with a lot more people my age. Hurray!

  6. hahah good! i have not much time for forums and stuff so thats why i login 2-3 times in a mounth ;p how are you ?

  7. Of course I do! In fact, earlier today I saw that you started a thread, and I immediately thought, "Ah, where has Mirela been?!" So how are you?

  8. Can you please change my nickname into V O G U E thanks (:
  9. {name}

    Does anybody knows....

    ...who's the model in the pic?! : D Sorry for this topic - didnt saw one so please dont delete it anybody knows her name?
  10. A visit to my profile, but no comment? :o :(

  11. {name}

    The L Word

  12. {name}

    The L Word

    Carmen is coming back in season 6?!