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  1. Brent Van Zant

    From DNA:
  2. Caleb Lane

    I found the movie, I had watched it some time ago online but don't know how I got the link... anyway, I'm not sure it's ok to post the link so if you want it, pm me. I Caleb
  3. Caleb Lane

    Can you believe that in that movie, the guy preferred his ex to Caleb!!!!!
  4. Caleb Lane

    no, that's not a music video, that's from Caleb's boxing or kick boxing video...he's some instructor, and there's a website too for it.... Nope, it's from a movie he made that can only be seen online but the name escapes me... he was playing a gay character. One can only dream...
  5. Caleb Lane

    I just found this pic, I think it is Caleb or is it just wishful thinking? does anyone have a better version or more pics?
  6. Caleb Lane

    hey Rick, they're actually fakes posing as caleb....one of my friend's found out the hard way....i thought Andrew Cooper had one but it's a fake there too posing as AC Maybe, but the myspace was about the Modeling.. page, wasn't really specifically about Caleb which led me to believe it was the real thing.
  7. Caleb Lane

    Such an angel ::sighs:: These pics of him are from his modeling success book website... He had a myspace page about it too, but suddenly it disappeared from my list... did anyone else have it too and know what happened? has he another one?
  8. Caleb Lane

    Just found this at Google video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6...mp;q=caleb+lane The first minute and a half is about some guy I don't care for, but the rest is baby Caleb :sigh:
  9. Caleb Lane

    Thanks! His fuzzy navel is undescribably hot and he's so beautiful it makes me weep I can't see the Guess images, does anyone have the same problem? Thanks again
  10. Caleb Lane

    Hi, I'm new here, I've been combing the internet looking for pics of Caleb and this is the first place where I found new pics. Thanks to everyone! You may or not know, but he was included in a photo compilation by Lewis Payton, an australian photographer. It is called "10", but it's not a book, only some prints of hot guys. I ordered one but it hasn't arrived and I'm losing my mind. You can also order a 16x20 print of Caleb but it's rather stiff at $570. This is the pic I would love to see his tattoo, the only pic that partially shows it is the one from the Rosa Cha 2005 show Has anyone found a larger pic of his 212 ad? maybe a scan from a magazine?