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  1. Guilherme Braga from Quest Models
  2. Any one know the name? He's from Ali Express modeling the barbell chain.
  3. Not Derek Blasberg, but the guy between Alexa Chung and Poppy Delevigne. He’s definitely a former model I think.
  4. Can anyone ID the blond model? He used to be with Brody Bookings in Stuttgart, Germany but he’ not on that site anymore. The photographer lists model's name as Wilhelm. My suspicion is that it could be wrong. Here’s the instagram link. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bgxx2BpFrNv/?taken-by=justineszczepanczyk
  5. Does anyone recognize this A&F greeter model from a few years ago? ABERCROMBIE and FITCH Flagship Store Fifth Avenue Store Greeters/Models by Noel Y. Calingasan (nyclovesnyc), on Flickr
  6. http://models.com/oftheminute/?p=84345 Interview about his hiatus from modeling. Really eye opening.
  7. he shows up behind Terron Wood at :17seconds.
  8. I'll just rank the modern era supermodels, which is why models like Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy will be left out. Space to signify different ranks. As any models within any specific rank could be argued to have any number placement within the same rank. 1) Cindy Crawford, who really was the first and biggest of the modern supermodels. (she really introduced to the public the level or type of beauty that defined a supermodel) 2) Gisele, possibly, the last of the modern supermodel. (I don't consider her the most beautiful, but she is arguably the most talented) 3) Naomi Campbell 4) Kate Moss 5
  9. He was always a good-looking kid, but this season he filled out and got REALLY good-looking. I don't know if he can play the awkward loner boy anymore, especially when you mature into clearly the best-looking guy in the cast.
  10. In europe, everyone knows him as this sweet boy next door. And in the US, we'll all know him as a creepy psycho! Very strange.
  11. Orlando, despite his Johhny Depp syndrome of trying to look like a dirtbag.
  12. Very excited about the Gant campaign. The catalog has lots of great pictures of their models and sometimes,in the case of David Gandy, use them for multiple seasons. Hopefully we get a good 4 seasons of Julien. So when does the Spring fashion campaign usually start?
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