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  1. I see a little bit of Ivana Vancova in her also. With the lips and especially the way she looks in the picture I quoted below. As for the models that slip through, there's just way too much beautiful and talented models to keep up with. We're only human I know, but she's just way too beautiful to not have been started a thread about, it completely shocks me :| But you're right, new models keep on coming up, and you can't keep up all the time. Though I mainly still get my pictures from Bellazon . x R.
  2. Got some scans, that are quite big . Bummer its bad quality though. x R.
  3. No problem Layla90! My pleasure, I REALLY want some good picture's of her . x R.
  4. Uhuh, I was like, really really happy I found it . Anyways, I'm reaaally looking for picture's, so if the good pictureseekers could read this topic.. . It would be steaming in no time . x R.
  5. I was completely shocked there wasn't a topic about her yet! She is AMAZING. First Name: Heidi Last Name: Johnsen Nationality: Norwegian Ethnicity: Norwegian Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Green Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Tromso, Norway Height: 5'9.5" ; 177cm Measurements: (US) 34-24-35 ; (EU) 86-61-89 Dress Size: (US) 4 ; (EU) 34 Shoe Size: (US) 6 ; (EU) 37 Agencies: Place Model Management Group Models Select Model Management Team Models Women Management - Milan Women Management - Paris x R. Please do not hotlink images - edited by persuazn
  6. Nope, its not Natasha. I took that picture from somewhere, but I just don't remember her name, and I want more picture's of her. But I'd remember if it was Natasha, its not her. x R.
  7. Anybody recognise her? xx.
  8. Okaaaay. If she'd stick her eyes out like that when she's just strolling around, she would probably be the kind of person babies would start crying of when they see her. Yes, she's quite special, the eyes are definitely a kind of brand, that would make you recognise her anywhere. But she's absoluuutely not my taste, I don't like the dead-white nail-skinny kind of girls. Then I like Gemma more . And it IS allowed to frealy speak your opinion here, so I would appreciate if no one started hating me . xx.
  9. Uuukay, sorry . But you're right, they're so beautiful, and I hadn't seen them before, and I thought they were ads, so.. you get my point anyways . xx.
  10. Okay, I got my hands on them. I just saw 3 of these in the Mexx-store, but still, all of them are really pretty . I saw the 3 ones before the last one. So I saw number 15,16 & 17 in the Mexx-store. I'm in love with number 15 . xx.
  11. Wow, can I be any more stupid? I just saw page 48, theyre's Mexx scans there already. But I've seen others, more pretty ones, honestly . xx.
  12. Hi guys, I just came back from Paris, and in Galeries Lafayette, in the Mexx-department, I saw ads, and Ana was on them! I wanted to take pictures of the ads with my mobile, but its not allowed, you know, they think you're gonna copy their design <_<. Anyways, where they already posted? Because I think they're really quite new.. xx.
  13. Mwhaha. Do you know how funny that sounds to me ? Clearification: I'm called Raquel. Its pretty fun seeing 'Raquel' in everybody's signature's . xx. Especially in mine Haha, obviously . Oooh hooh, Alessandra and Raquel! I'm being put together with Ale ^^. I know its just bullshit, but just let me have my moment . xx.
  14. Mwhaha. Do you know how funny that sounds to me ? Clearification: I'm called Raquel. Its pretty fun seeing 'Raquel' in everybody's signature's . xx.
  15. Haha.. I'd rather not tell, but if you really want to know, I'll PM it to you . Haha, to the other people, don't worry, I'm over 18 xD. xx.
  16. Ana and Hana! Definetely ^^. xx.
  17. OF COURSE! Paul's almost always hot . But I like Vin, just because he has this roughness, it makes me fall in love with him . You know, he's the kind of guy people would be scared of if he wasn't famous. xx.
  18. To Pink Vanilla: Ana Beatriz F-ing Barros . My no 1 model, ofcourse . Just without the F-ing . To dear Persuazn: I'm gonna say dear, it sounds nice ^^. Anyways, mwhaha, don't be surprised with future Raquel-actions.. . xx.
  19. Mwhaha. The Fast an The Furious is one of my favortie movies. Why is that, you think ? Paul Walker and Vin, of course ^^. xx.
  20. oops, okay . I thought the face looked a bit like her, but thanx. xx.
  21. To Perzuazn: Yeah, I'm completely obsessed by Andrew Cooper. He reads the paper and doesn't like junk mail! Found that out by digging through his garbage. Hahaha, just joking imagine . To dutchygirl: Ja tuurlijk ;P! Woon je in NL of BE? Ik in BE hè . Vind het wel grappig dat hier vrij veel mensen zijn die nederlands spreken . Ik spreek absolúút geen Frans. xx.
  22. I have these.. I posted them wrongly, but I'll put them up here now. Same mag, Calvin Klein ad. Scanned by me. xx.
  23. Okay okay, then its Natalia, don't get your blood pressure up high, i'd feel guilty. Seems y'all are the big fans, so I guess your right, I'm not a huge fan really. Sorry anyways . I'll remove the scans and post them where they'll be appreciated . Ann Mary, love that pencil-girl btw. She's funny . xx.
  24. Gosh.. I have absolutely ni idea whom that is -.-'. I know, shame on me! Anayways, I'm about to find out, since i'm looking it up right now . By the way, my topic is red, wich means its like, a 'hot topic'. Wiehiee! xD xx
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