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  1. {name}

    What do you appreciate more in a guy?

    thats so damnnn rite...ive been out wit a "bad Boy' for abt a year...but u guys betta dnt ask for the end :|:| wat i really like at a Boy is kindness of course...i want him to care abt me...n his look too...
  2. {name}

    Your weight and height

    yea i look normal now...but im dieting again 'n' im afraid of being bony :S...but i guess its impossible for me 2 eat healthy now...i cant eat more than 2 times a day...i hope its not a disease or sumthin... as long as im not throwin up food :yuckky:
  3. {name}

    Your weight and height

    No nows normal i guess... but 2 or 3 months ago omg...it was bony...i was UGLY 4 the first time in my life
  4. {name}

    Your weight and height

    yea right...i like havin skinny body but my face <_< awww it sucks...
  5. {name}

    who is girl's best friend ?

    I Dnt have a sister so i chose SHOPPING...
  6. {name}

    What a girl wants!

    Happiness of course...enough money to live well and the man Ill luv By my side...
  7. {name}

    Your weight and height

    why? I'm 10 cm tinier and 2 kg heavier :| And I like my body the way it is. you are really slim already... i dnt know...its like a disease lol...i watch myself on the mirror and im like "gosh im FATTT"
  8. {name}

    Your weight and height

    Im 1.77 ...56 kg <_< <_< but im on a diet now
  9. {name}

    Which Supermodel Are You?

    Your Results: Gemma Ward You are loved by everyone! You're down to earth and your friends and family always come first. No matter how stressful your life is, you always seem to keep yourself on track.