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  1. jas. i think jo doesn't want kids for now, tay is so young and she just got engaged but i'm not 100% about her tbh
  2. those were taken in positano, italy, a few days after her engagement
  3. take a look at vs website and see that most models aren't plus sized
  4. i thought the same but there's a video of her dancing with jasmine and she was drinking something. could be water though. honestly, i hope she's not pregnant. she's too young and i think her relationship is going kinda fast but... her life, her choices, ofc.
  5. she looks beautiful because she is but looks like she's going to dance salsa or something
  6. we're going to pretend that every brand, except for vs, being inclusive now is real and not marketing... sure. also, she (bridget) was told that sh*t by ed who left the brand years ago. i'm sorry about bridget and all those girls who have suffered the consequences of this industry and its standards, but she can't tell me vs inclusiveness is fake when they're just trying to sell, like every single brand? it's funny how people buy the "all bodies are beautiful" from others brands but not from vs (it's vs fault too ngl)
  7. they look amazing together. taylor shines since her relationship with michael ended and looks really happy with daniel, so happy for her ❤️
  8. congrats to taylor and daniel 💍 https://www.instagram.com/p/CQln8EuCaua/?utm_medium=unknown (the link won't embed, don't know why sorry)
  9. kinda agree. idk if it's the makeup, photoshop or weight loss, but her face looks like... alien shaped lol love the editorial tho, one of her best i think
  10. does the angel contract exist at this point? lol i'm sure the angels aren't a thing anymore, some of them work for vs from time to time and that's it, but the angel concept is dead
  11. talking about sports illustrated swimsuit, does someone know when it's supposed to be out?
  12. when these photos were posted, lais posted one with the caption "working with the fam", which makes me think she meant vs, and she tagged the same people the first photographer did (not vs tho). he was also shooting for vs with stella and taylor days before. but those bikinis confuse me, i have no idea honestly
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