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  1. Can we start finding/posting stuff from early in her career as most of the images links are dead. For instance stuff she did in the late 1990s and early 2000s?
  2. She’s in the first episode I know for sure and maybe the last episode if my memory is correct
  3. She is also in a film coming out idk when. It’s called Dating in NY.
  4. Yea if I remember correctly she is in 2 scenes. The first when is her getting pulled over by the protagonist and his partner. The second I’m a little shady on but I believe she is in a restaurant. However, I could be getting that scene confused with Neon Demon. Overall she had like maybe 5 lines.
  5. Photographer: Samira Grafie (don't know if I uploaded correctly)
  6. http://www.divamodels.com/model/sofie-v-372
  7. Height: 176 cm Bust: 84 cm Waist: 63 cm Hips: 89 cm Shoe: 38 eu Hair: Brown Eyes: Green
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