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  1. You called ?!! :shifty:

  2. hey thanks. At least i'm a legal bitch now, eh?

  3. r u crying over me ?!! :ninja:



  5. oops, i accidently clicked on your avatar =)

  6. Busy. Hehe. I work full time now.

  7. Why thanking each of you in your personal page while i can thank you all here? Thank you!

  8. I am un-seducable baby !! ROFL. Dont worry, you can share a piece of mine with everyone else. *yahoo sexy wink* .

  9. sex slaves dont have the privilege to adopt their owners :shifty:

  10. Thanks!! Unfortunately i got none from my family. I'm afraid i'

    ll have to sell drugs. :whistle:

  11. Thanks vane. I got your money. *begs for more*

  12. That was the comment regarding your comment in my profile in FMT :rofl: . Im very random ... HAHAHA ...

    If you want me so bad, you have to share with the others. Are you willing to ?? :yahoo sexy wink:

  13. Please dont tease me. Sometimes ghost is afraid of the dark too :ninja:

  14. Don't ever come back. Go out. Have fun. Get a life. If you can read this, you have failed.

  15. Thanks bee. I'm old now, sheeesh...

  16. just sneaking around....

  17. Hey hey hey, habee B-Day !!! :D :D :D

  18. Dude. It's my boyfriend's last name. And my friends call me Mis. Handerson. I dont know how Irene knows about that... but yeah. I'm shipping myself to Maryland.

  19. Bad news to the world. My laptop is officially broken.

  20. HAH! I've been busy. Very busy.... partying.

  21. Hey how do you know its me ?!! HAHAHAA I miss you too ...

  22. I moved to San Jose. Nothern California. Hows it goin. Havent seen you for awhile :D

  23. AND YOU FORGOT A " . " AFTER " *checks spellling* " TO COMPLETE YOUR SENTENCE. DAMN IT !!!

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