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  1. The top ones were shot by Jessee Bojoroquez. The set is from the (discontinued?) Girlfriend Mtrl magazine.
  2. Can anyone help me identify the model or the issue of L'Officiel Singapore where this photo was featured?
  3. I don't have his Patreon. I bought a bunch of his PDFs long ago, but it was because of the models featured, like Chandler for example. Judging by the reactions, there is some interest around this new post, so maybe there's somebody on here who is a patron and could ask?
  4. A few days ago Neave posted 121 photos from his first set with Chandler. It's in the $250 tier. I'm thinking of splashing out, but considering it's a substantial sum of money and how many times I've already burned myself on Patreon before, I would feel a lot more confident knowing what's in it. Is it all unpublished material? Is anyone in the Bankroll tier and have seen the set?
  5. Gavin O'Neill Adds Nudity
  6. Hi @cornwallman2, there are several ways to do it. The easiest way is to get a browser extension that lets you do that. (Personally, I don't trust those.) The other way is to scan the page source, or you can simply look for the image in your browser cache (this is by far the safest way). PM me if you want and I'll be happy to walk you through it.
  7. Happy New Year, everybody! I have been seriously considering subscribing to Neave's Patreon, I have been following him for quite some time and I think he's a brilliant photographer. However, I'm a little confused about the new tiers (last time I checked there were only two). I'm interested to know what has changed in terms of the philosophy since the Oct 1st announcement post and what has prompted the shift towards multiple different tiers? Was it feedback from Patrons or something else? Personally I'm only interested in all the Chandler content I can get. (And all the Gigi content, as well.) Does that mean I should go straight for the top level tier? What's different about it compared to the lower tiers? Don't get me wrong, $50 per month is a lot of money and I would like to find out exactly what it is I'm getting (and what I'm not going to get) before I splash out on my subscription. Anybody here who's already subscribed could maybe answer my questions? Neave, if you are reading this, maybe you could explain this to me? Perhaps my post could help others like me decide to subscribe. Thanks in advance!
  8. By Amy Hibbard for Oyster Mag Nudity
  9. By Julia Sariy for The Atlas magazine
  10. By David Lipman for The Impression magazine Nudity
  11. By Wade Whitington for Life Without Andy Nudity
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