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  1. I'm sorry, but this woman's body is spectacular... so much so that i have to comment on it!
  2. Luckily there is a little bit more to good photography than you made it out to be.
  3. Oh boy, you're in for quite the surprise...
  4. If the anorexic look is what she was trying to achieve, she definitely nailed it, good job!
  5. I do enjoy Belle in a Bikini. Her figure is real treat to look at!
  6. Well maybe she had a size reduction perhaps?
  7. That picture in like a 10k x 6k resolution would be nice...
  8. That is surprisingly unexpected! Can't wait to see that.
  9. I think what i really love most about Candice, aside of her godlike hips, is the fact that she didn't put fugly tattoos all over her body, which is very commendable!
  10. Wow, i think i'm in love.
  11. You know I have thought about it and I hope to God that BP somehow makes it to NY and I really really really hope that she does get cast because the VSFS is not what one should describe as a quote unquote regular run-of-the-mill fashion show where Pre-Pubescent looking coat hangers with zero curves and zero sex appeal walk like dead eyed robotic zobies....this is or at least it used to be THE sexiest fashion show in the world where curvy,drop dead gorgeous Va Va Voom glamazons sashayed down the catwalk showing off lingerie...and we all know that bras and panties even with added glittery wing
  12. Wow, she definitely needs to be more known here in Austria! She is quite amazing :wub2:
  13. Shayk

    Jaimie Alexander

    Ever since they've casted Gal Gadot >_>
  14. And yet STILL more beautiful than 99.9999999999999999% of the women in the world. Go down to 80% and we have a deal!
  15. Seems to me that she finally made that breast reduction. Sad to see, but it's her cake. :yuckky:
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