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  1. heu...this is the not the same Giedre u know!!!
  2. i ve met people who has worked with that girl. she is freak, and guess what..."model4ever"...IT IS giedre smulyte herself!!!! how sick it needs be to make a topic about yourself in this forum? one year ago she has been sent home from her Milan agency for use of drugs, if i well understood her mother agency in latvia broke her contract after that, but since all problems she did in Milan, no agency there wants to take again... seems an interesting girl:-)))
  3. i work in milan now (women/names) but i am just assistant so dont know anything but i can ask somebody who is in charge (i have just asked but that worker told me ask this other woker so i still dont know). i met here one model from lithuania (she is with names though) and she is from G-models in lithuania (thats kinda new agency, owner Giedre Rusyte if it says you something). i will try to find out later
  4. Edita Vilkeviciute is in very bad agency situation. she left her lithuanian mother agency in bad relation, and currently has no agency in Milano, no agency in NY, and no more agency in spain where she worked great. it is a big pitty, she has agencies trouble since the very begining of her career. for the one who read lithuanian there is more details on exonline.lt
  5. Eva will be in the next Dolce Gabbana campaign. she is today in Berlin to shoot it with Mario Testino..
  6. new eva pics in german magazine: more pics here: eva pics
  7. eva will be in ID and Quest magazine next month.
  8. She is great. a bit mysterious, a real bohemian way of life, good at singing, good at acting, has inspired Serge Gainsbourg, has inspired Jean Paul Goude...the only current French star to me. Can be proud of what she achieved as in starting by a big hit in music at even not 15, all medias predicted her to disapear after a summer. I have big respect for her.
  9. Edita is my favorite one, unfortunatly her mother agency in lithuania makes trouble with all her agencies abroad, and they made her completly miss the show season, nothing in Paris, nothing in Milano, she should fly alone or at least to run away to another mother agency.
  10. I think they can not do anything. it became big when there as still many "true" supermodels, i mean models which was at the level of celebrities more than just very famous "model only". It was for people an oportunatly to see those famous girls in a show "easy access" and fun to watch, when usually the normal shows the girls use to work are not exactly exciting for large audience. So, in fact, VS show is dying; just because girls are not famous enough anymore to the largest audience.
  11. somehow, she does quiet well in print, but really she has almost no work in shows
  12. she has a famous boyfriend...if you are all nice I will tell who soon...
  13. she is currently having an absolutly big show season. I really dont like her, but fact is that she probably gonna be a big winner this year.
  14. ilford

    Monica Bellucci

    i love her,but I must say that age going does not go as well on her than on other women, still, she is great.
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