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  1. Isabell Klem

    MJ @ SI posted this on SI SWIM IG last week...this looks a lot like Isabell. Coincidentally, Isabell deleted her IG account. I could never figure out why IMG hasn't done more with her. Her two little sisters are both active models as well. I'm sure this was taken at a well-known local surf spot in Hawaii, you can see the outer reef break in background. If it's not Isabell, I'm thinking it may be Nina A.
  2. Rania Benchegra

    Beautiful girl, she should be doing much better work. That tattoo she has is a disaster, as she said in the above video, it's caused some problems!
  3. 2012 SI Swimsuit

    That's Michelle Vawer in bodypaint
  4. 2012 SI Swimsuit

    100% confirmed.
  5. Michelle Vawer

    SI Swim 2012 = yes, that's her...she's doing 2 shoots w them
  6. Kate Upton

    I told you!
  7. Kate Upton

    Watch for her in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011 ! !
  8. Victoria's Secret Swimwear

    Thanks for all of the great pics!
  9. Jarah Mariano

    A natural beauty...great pics everybody!