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  1. how can I delete it? I don't own the sites. @ILUVAdrianaLima is right, Barbara has to stay low for this.
  2. it seems that barbara and the magazine had a communication problem.
  3. What you do now is just creating a Streisand Effect. People will seek it out more if anyone tries to conceal it that agressively. the picture is already on 4chan. and I'm sure it is on reddit too. it is already too late.
  4. kristen mcmenamy, kate moss, naomi campbell aside from natalia.
  5. {name}

    Twenty3 model

    does anyone know who she is?
  6. I'm pretty sure Tova is over 18. checked, yes she is:
  7. how about a slightly different photo from the same shoot?
  8. there are 3 more lui pics it seems. better versions hopefully follow.
  9. Brandy Malville and there are a lot of them.
  10. for love and lemons polas from next models
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