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  1. oh I've got it)) I hadn't noticed that lostdiadem (whose post I was commenting) is a female. My bad)
  2. strange, they were working yesterday. I've just renewed them but don't know how to remove the broken video file in my previous post so I've just added a new one. I hope it works out. At least it's is working right now.
  3. better quality Anastasiya Scheglova_Mertvyie.dushi.e02.2020.(1080p).mp4 Anastasiya Scheglova_Mertvyie.dushi.e02.2020.(1080p).mp4
  4. it's from russian junk TVshow "Dead souls" (2020), Ep 2 - https://xcadr.tv/get_file/1/2aacb2a29121f5fd6763e8d644af87f869b851c4f7/39000/39074/39074.mp4/?rnd=1613985656213 some more clips with her - https://xcadr.tv/celebs/golaya-anastasiya-shcheglova/
  5. I don't have all the files. I've deleted some not interesting ones or dupes. Some dupes still may there be. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JfBAdAEvH3vRPwb48-cWv6szjp5cKdft?usp=sharing P.S. Can someone delete my previous post?.. I just pressed Enter by mistake. Can't delete it by myself.
  6. I don't have all the files. I've deleted some not interesting ones or dupes. Some dupes still may there be.
  7. yeah. it's strange. There's tons of nudity on other topics here on this forum. Could you send me a link in PM?) Is nudity forbidden only for this particular model or what? Bellazon rules say that "2. Image Posting Guidelines Nudity: Nudity is allowed but it MUST be textlinked or placed between spoiler tags with a warning..." (https://www.bellazon.com/main/topic/988-bellazon-rules-guidelines-and-faq/)
  8. She and Jessica Wall look alike. I thought they are the same person)
  9. I guess we have not all from Lui France Summer 2017 photoset. LQ from insta:
  10. "Valeria Lakhina (aka Лера Лахина, aka Lera Lakhina) is a Russian model." Actually she is Ukrainian... and it's completely different country. "Miss golden autumn-2010"-Kyiv(capital of Ukraine) : https://photo.unian.net/rus/detail/318454.html ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ha_NNgSOI4 Monatik(video above) and Kadnay(video below) are Ukrainian bands too.
  11. Sorry, corrected. Didn't know about Imagus but your way doesn't work for me either. When I select "Save image as" in Imagus pop up window it saves completely black photo. At the same time on other sites it works fine...
  12. Hi! How have you managed to download the pic from 500px? There seems to be some changes, cause when I am trying to find direct URL through "Open a feedback form" (on the screenshot beneath) it saves completely black picture...
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