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  1. Although I understand your concern, in the first place, the idea that a naked baby's photo can be sexualized shouldn't be normalized. It is not something you think automatically when you see a photo like that, I mean, there are disgusting people, it shouldn't prevent parents from living a normal life without worrying about who degenerate people may think or do with those photos. I think instead of scolding a mother for doing something as natural and innocent as posting her baby's photo, we should promote zero tolerance for any pedophiles who may have strange desires with a baby. As long as people believe and comment to these parents that "you are exposing your child to pedophiles," it is nothing more than normalizing a totally disgusting act when it should be the opposite.
  2. People are creepy when their automatic thought upon seeing a naked baby photo is something pornographic or provocative. I don't understand why you would think that? I have photos of myself as a baby in my facebook album while my parents were showering me and I assure you that my friends and contacts are totally healthy not to mention or think that the photos have sexual vibrations or something similar. If you get any sexual or '' provocative '' cues on Elsa's daughter photos, you should rethink who really has a problem here.
  3. That's weird! Could it be that you blocked her account by mistake? Try to look at your list of blocked accounts. Don't worry. I hope instagram gives you a solution.
  4. Really? How strange 👀 maybe your web browser is blocking the page or you must have a problem directly with Instagram. Try to log out of your account and go to her instagram.
  5. She still has instagram https://www.instagram.com/brizzy_chen/ Glad she is having more work, she is beautiful af.
  6. @bump You are fantastic! Thanks for the updates
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