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  1. wghost

    Bruna Tenorio

    Those ads are great, must say that I don't even like Bruna.
  2. wghost

    Flavia de Oliveira

    She really had a great season.
  3. wghost

    Raquel Zimmermann

    Raquel is looking great !
  4. wghost

    Tiiu Kuik

    What is tiiu doing lately ?
  5. wghost

    Coco Rocha

    Vogue Nippon May 2007
  6. wghost

    Caridee English

    ^ Yes. I liked her, even thougth her pictures, except the ones she took in Spain, all sucked. More: InTouch Magazine
  7. wghost

    Tiiu Kuik

    Happy Birthday Tiiu ! :hell yea!:
  8. wghost

    Flavia de Oliveira

    Flavia's so gorgeous, she seems like a nice person
  9. wghost

    Caridee English

    seventeen feb 2007
  10. wghost

    Caridee English

    Elite Model Management:
  11. wghost

    Suvi Koponen

    she looked gorgeous at chanel, and so sexy at ungaro
  12. wghost

    The best editorial. Vote!!!

    Gisele Tiiu Tiiu Tiiu !
  13. wghost

    Heather Marks

    Thanks. She's amazing
  14. wghost

    Heather Marks

    I think she's still pretty big. She's not that kind of model that dissapears someday.