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  1. now, how do I bump this into solved.
  2. I think Barbara Palvin and Cara Delevingne look very similar!
  3. Can she get any more beautiful!!! My Lord!! Oh, I remember Dytto saying that Barbara Palvin was one of her fav models. So here's a picture of each of them.
  4. I found a site called people images.com. It has ALL of the GETTY images, and they have names, so I might be able to find something there. http://peopleimages.com/
  5. Damn google! Here's why reverse image search is useless! Ha ha ha!! I'm laughing, but I'm frustrated as hell now!
  6. ok, thanks. I could've sworn it was Bar Refaeli. anyway, thanks.
  7. My crush is ... well... most of the time got to be Megan Fox! I'll throw one more in here, just because it's funny.
  8. I have been looking for a name for some time now. These images are from Getty Images. There is a whole series of them, so I guess I'll upload them all to show you what I'm talking about: Nudity Now, there were a few possible names I came up with in my searches: 1. Bar Refaeli 2. Barbara Pelvin. Oh, one more to add: sorry about the nudity, don't quite know how to edit it properly. New guy. clearly
  9. Hello. My user name is Eastflames55. Just joined less than a hour ago.
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