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Catalina Otalvaro

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Thanks to Adrianfrodo on Ale Official forum for finding her. Some people have said she looks like Adriana. But I personally think she has softer features than Adriana (more like Miranda). She doesn't have that exotic sexiness that Adriana has, but she is still very beautiful. Tell me what you think

There's not that much stuff on her thus far (at least not that I've seen). So if anyone has an interest or has seen other stuff, please post it.

A g e : 19

B i r t h p l a c e : C a l i , C o l o m b i a

H e i g h t : 5 ' 6 . 5 ''

H a i r C o l o r : B r o w n

E y e C o l o r : G r a y

D r e s s S i z e : 6 U S

















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I'm new in Bellazon!

Catalina is really hot :drool: and her face is lovely :wub:

I found this vid yesterday:

I'll try to find some new pics or vids.

Bye! :wave:

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I'm glad all you guys like her so much.

Welcome to the forum LatinLover. I'm honored that your first post was in this froum. I can't wait for new pic :flower:

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It's a little hard to find pics of Catalina... I found 2 candids!


I'll keep on searching for more....

Enjoy! :wave:

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