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Should models play as actores in movies?  

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  1. 1. Should models play as actores in movies?

    • Yes
    • No way!

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Stick to modeling. <_< Just because you look good in front of the camera doesn't mean you can act. *cough*gisele*cough* Granted, there are exceptions, with a model achieving success on film/TV--Andie McDowell or Ashton Kutcher, for examples--but they probably weren't very known as models before crossing over.

The one supermodel I know of that has actually acted in successful films is Rebecca Romijn, or however you spell it, with the X-Men movies.

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Stick to modeling for the most part. Laetitia Casta is a fairly successful actress in France. Josie Maran's done a few things ( though I'm not a fan of her acting ), Gisele ( not very good either, I think part of it is the accent ), Alessandra Ambrosio ( little part in Entourage, small little appearance in Casino Royale ).

Rebecca, like mbinebri mentioned, is the only real "successful" model-turned-actress I can think of ( aside from Brooke Shields from back in the day ).

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If they are talented, why not...? Rebeca is awesome, and don´t forget about Milla :heart: she´s exqusite, and 5th element was a great film! And Gisele´s role in Taxi was not so big to say if she has talent or not...but at least she wasn´t bad I think! However we all know why they put her in that movie - publicity....

and I also heard Josie´s good :idk:

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I don´t think she was just pretty...that role wasn´t hard for acting but still she was a good vilain, don´t you think? :) but that´s just my opinion, you may think that I´m just another biased obssesed fan... :laugh: I liked her there, she was quite natural (and did more than I expected, because I wasn´t expecting much from her when I heard she would play in Taxi :laugh: )

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