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damn, tell me about that!! :laugh: I also loved the part with Jesus, when he tried to turn water into wine, and he was like "now, turn around" and he changed the bottles, and everyone was like "what are you trying to prove? thereś no magic" and he told something like "But it did work 2000 years ago" :laugh: loved it :D :D

Well everyone watched the passion of the christ and everyone loved it,and Eric Cartman's hero is Mel Gibson :p so he starts a passion fan club,but offcourse Eric has allways got his own agenda and puts on his Hitler costume,and he tries to convince all the people to exterminate the jews and says that they have to say wir müssen die juden ausrotten while they are marching to the Jewish church,the people who are marching actually think that that sentence is in Jezus his language,it actually in in German and it means : we have to exterminate the jews :p and that's about it if you want i can give you the rs links from that episode if you want ;)

Yeah that was really funny too :D Or the episode where Santa crashed in Iraq and was being tortured :p so that Jezus went to Iraq with his machine guns to save Santa :laugh:

Btw here's a small part from that episode :)


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