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Sarah Carter

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Heres some info on her

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Carter was a dedicated dancer and took part in various school plays including The Wizard of Oz, in which she played Dorothy. She was also a member of the debate team, which allowed her to travel all over the world. After graduation she took a year off to see Europe, then joined Ryerson Theatre School in Toronto, where she was discovered while performing a monologue.

Carter quickly landed her first guest appearance in the series "Wolf Lake" (2001) and followed that up with a turn in "Dark Angel" (2000). She then went on to guest in the series "Undeclared" (2001).

Making the leap to the big screen, Carter was cast in the psychological thriller Mindstorm (2001) starring Eric Roberts, Michael Ironside and Antonio Sabato Jr.. She played the kidnapped daughter of a senator whose abduction ultimately unravels her dark hidden life. Carter can also be seen in Final Destination 2 (2003), the sequel to the hit film Final Destination (2000). In her spare time, Carter likes to indulge in her first passion - dance. She also likes to practice yoga, curl up with a good book and go to the movies. Another passion is teaming up with her father, who is a minister, to distribute food to the needy. Although she resides in Los Angeles, she has currently relocated to Vancouver to film the series "Black Sash" (2003).

Link: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0141931/

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ya theres a lot of good looking women here (winnipeg) and in the last few years there has been alot of tv movie stuff that has been done here aswell. cant say i ever meet the girl but best of luck to her anyways

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You know she should really be on my top 10 cause I have been obsessed with her since Alicia Baker hit the Smallivlle scene, she is so sweet and gorgous. I was sad with what the Smallville writers did to her :( I was bumed for all of that season.

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