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Runway models ID 2000-2005


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9 hours ago, Minerva13 said:

Maybe I'm wrong but this cute model looks like Ruth Spivey to me

i don't think it's Ruth - no other pic angle found.  i posted the others

i posted alot of couture and i still have hundred other 1990s or couture to post next week

thanks for your help; it's always appreciated :wub:

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1 hour ago, tarsier41 said:

i posted miss koko

thanks !

i think i understand now why it's alot harder for me to help you for your ID quests:  you're too good  !

sorry... but i found a way to compensate: i search at fmd, bz & sometimes runwaymayhem (the 4 "others") !


ohh thank you! i mostly just search for my model ID's on here which can be difficult lol! thank you for the sites, i know fmd but i rarely ever search on there, i'll try from now on, thank you!😁

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3 hours ago, fakediorpurse said:

gaultier s/s 2001 models? is #1 annie henley? in her bellazon thread there is a photo for a shoot she did for this show w/ other models who were in the show. 


#5  zoe hawkins

#1  same type of face; i would say yes. pic not seen nor found

#3 looks like Gabriela Cubert, but mole dont fit...

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5 hours ago, fakediorpurse said:

bernhard willhelm s/s 2002 models? in order these are their names on vogue: eri, lisa, helene, carina, marie, angelica, final model is uncredited


She only use the name Eri even on her imdb page, the credit is correct.


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