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  1. oscar suleyman f/w 2001 rtw
  2. alternative shots of her at salvatore ferragamo fw 2001 ❀️
  3. valentino f/w 1999 couture. i didn't know she went brunette in the 1999 season! i thought it was right before s/s 2000 😍
  4. anne pedersen is one of my favorite models at the moment yet i can never seem to recognize herπŸ˜… thank you all for the help!
  5. ohh thank you! i mostly just search for my model ID's on here which can be difficult lol! thank you for the sites, i know fmd but i rarely ever search on there, i'll try from now on, thank you!😁
  6. blumarine s/s 1998 model? gucci s/s 1995 model?
  7. escada s/s 2001 models? escada uses a lot of models from the 90s so i think its likely a lot of these girls had careers dating at least a couple years back
  8. emporio armani f/w 2004 menswear models? is #1/#2 melanie capitte? she was in a lot of f/w 2004 milan shows
  9. comme des garcons f/w 1995 models? pretty sure pic #1/#2 is anne pedersen but i'd like a second opinion 😊 chloe s/s 1998 model?
  10. great! if you know of any other shows she did let me know and i'll see if i can find HQs😁
  11. i don't have an HQ of her ghost s/s 1998 runway but i believe i do have her in costume national 1998, i have a model who resembles her in chloe s/s 1998 but im not 100% if its her due to differences in angles/facial expressions. here are the pics ❀️ costume national s/s 1998 costume national f/w 1998 and chloe s/s 1998, not 100% if this is her but its a similar nose.
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