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So what is sexy?

Strawberry BigMac

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in 2003 adriana was the queen.But now she lost her ultra mega sex appeal.Her face and body changed.And she doesn't look half as good in vs pictures when she used to be.Maybe its also cuz of the photogpraher but I miss the 2003 adriana.But Ale she is becoming sexy more and more with the age....She is already the new queen of VS.





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sorry but eyes go right to ambrose's waist line :)

this is going to turn in to the battle of adri and ale for sexy title....but we all know who is better :p

yes, we all do :p :D :D

I think, sexi is not about beeing perfect, or not about having the best body or ideal features...it´s something that comes from inside of you, it´s the way you walk, the way you speak, the way you look at yourself, the way you behave...you know :) It´s a power that strikes you and gets you on your knees...and still there´s no place to be a cheap naughty girl, that´s not sexy for me :no:

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You really want to know who screams sexy? Josh Groban. For sure.

He's multi-talented. He can sing, act, and play instruments (piano, & drums). He's also got an amazing personality. He's a caring person. And you know what else? He's a goofball! I love it. And just check out this pic. You cannot tell me that it doesn't ooze sex!


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