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Masha Tyelna

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This whole weird model thing has gone way too far seriously. She's not even a good model. She looks ridiculous opening her eyes wide like that on the runway. It's just ridiculous. A lot of these girls are uglier than me. So basically I don't see what's so special about them and why they deserve to be on the runways at Milan and Paris and such and such.

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I really like her.

Her eyes are gorgous. Of course she looks strange, but strangely beautiful to me and that's it: beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

She is very unique and easily recognizable. Her strangeness is like a brand. Or it could be like a brand. Let's wait and see how far she will go.

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ok im not a fan of the alien skinny girls...or the average girls but this girls face is just stunning! She makes gemma look like barbie!

I think her face is absolutely amazingly perfect...minus the ear but that first shot ohhhhh my god....that face. It's like someone drew it out of a perfect mold.

wow wow wow that first picture is perfection!

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