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Vendela Kirsebom

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On 11/18/2017 at 5:46 AM, missparker7 said:

"COSI´ IL CORPO INTERPRETA LA GEOMETRIA" - AMICA Italy 7. September 1987 #37 by Patrick Demarchelier

Also showing: Frederique Van der Wal, Iman, Unknown

AmicaIT070987no73a.jpg AmicaIT070987no73b.jpg   AmicaIT070987no73Versace3.jpg AmicaIT070987no73Versace4.jpg  AmicaIT070987no73Versace6.jpg   AmicaIT070987no73Versace9.jpg AmicaIT070987no73Versace10.jpg AmicaIT070987no73Versace11.jpg AmicaIT070987no73Versace12.jpg   AmicaIT070987no73Versace15.jpg AmicaIT070987no73Versace16.jpg      

Wow! So very 80s! Thank you so much for sharing, @missparker7. As always, you have the best scans of Vendela. 

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"LOOK GREAT" + "Clothes that talk" - GLAMOUR U.S. October 1987 by Franck Thiery - also showing Frederique Van der Wal, Michelle Eabry, Unknown

If anyone knows the other models, please tell. Thanks!:flower:



GlamourUS1087Clothes2.jpg GlamourUS1087Clothes3.jpg GlamourUS1087Clothes4.jpg GlamourUS1087Clothes5.jpg GlamourUS1087Clothes6.jpg GlamourUS1087Clothes7.jpg

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