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Renee Simonsen


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devernois catalogue 1988






that is gr8 old stuff

I got it as well

I was on holiday in France many many years ago and found it in a clothes shops window

Yes yes.... ... :drool:

:) Great story markymark! You didn´t grab one more to trade later?? :laugh:

I wonder if this is all or if there´s more she did for Devernois. Can you compare with what you have, please?


now I had a look at the stuff from Fautre

and yes your are right

there was 2 more photos :drool:

take a look at them all :laugh:

I can see now - so many years later that I did get to

cos I have cut out the small ones <_<



no I only did get one from the lady in the shop <_<

to bad - and who did know, that so many years later I would get so many Renee friends from all around the world???


:wave: Hi again markymark! I thought your copy maybe shows more pictures than here had been posted. Would you check for, please? Because I think there are more. Thanks in advance!

Thanks markymark!

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Old German stuff :p

from Vogue no. 4 - april 1984

Was Renee on the cover too?

Hi, :wave: thanks for the 2 Louis Feraud advertisements. Yes, you´re right with the cover, markymark. It had been taken by Bill King.


Thx Miss Parker

this one I got

just in a other map


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