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Could Beyonce Get Hepatitis from Wolfgang Puck?

An urgent warning has been issued by the Health Department, warning the star-studded crowd who attended the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue party on Valentine's Day that they may have been exposed to acute hepatitis A. The list of possibly exposed guests: Beyonce Knowles, Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend Bar Rafaeli, and dozens of ridiculously hot bikini models.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health confirmed that an employee of Wolfgang Puck Catering was recently diagnosed with the disease, and has strongly urged anyone who attended the SI party, or any of the 13 other events catered by Puck between Feb. 1 - 20, to get an immune globulin shot by tomorrow to prevent illness.

When contacted, a rep from Puck's catering company would not tell TMZ which other events Puck catered, nor would they reveal how many other people may have been exposed to the illness. They did say, however, that no one who attended Sunday's Governor's Ball at the Academy Awards is at risk.

A rep for Beyonce told TMZ that they "were looking into it."


Is Wolfgang Pucking Over His Patrons?

As you just saw on TMZ, an urgent warning has been issued by the Los Angeles County Department of Heath, after an employee of Wolfgang Puck's catering company was diagnosed with acute hepatitis A.

Turns out this employee worked 13 separate events from February 1 through February 20, putting hundreds and possibly thousands of people at risk.

TMZ contacted Puck's public relations firm, asking for a list of the 13 events. We were told the list would not be released. We pressed and noted that there may be people who had no idea that Puck was the caterer, and they could be in the dark and in peril. We got the same response -- the list will not be released.

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