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Abi Tucker

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Abigail Anne Tucker (born 22 January 1973) is an Australian singer-songwriter and actress, who is best known for her acting roles in shows such as Heartbreak High and The Secret Life of Us. She came to fame as a contestant in the Australian version of New Faces in the early 1990s and soon after won a role in the spin-off from Australian film The Heartbreak Kid - Heartbreak High. This diversion into the acting arena was probably an opportunity to get internationally known as a personality with the opportunity to launch a worldwide singing career from the show, a plan that had worked for Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan et al, and one that would be copied by Laura Vasquez, Natalie Imbruglia and Tammin Sursok. In fact both Heartbreak High and a subsequent role in The Secret Life of Us gave Abi the exposure as a singer with slots not only on the show plus tracks on spin-off CDs.

However, unlike Kylie, Abi has not succeeded in having any large hits in the United Kingdom or North America and it wasn't until 2003 that her debut album Dreamworld was released. Not a musician afraid to experiment with her sound, she tried out a heavier rock style, forming short-lived band Bully during the late nineties whilst living in the UK. Abi is well known as a live music performer in Sydney whilst her songs have also appeared not only on The Secret Life of Us album but as well on the soundtrack to the movie Angst (where she plays the part of May). She also contributed backing vocals to some songs on David McCormack's debut solo album, Candy in 2002.

Abi appeared in the play Breakfast with Jonny Wilkinson at the 2006 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

In 2007, Abi will be joining the cast of the rural drama series McLeod's Daughters. She will be playing a character called Grace Kingston McLeod.

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