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Julie Ordon


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Date of birth: 27 June 1984

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Height: 5' 8" (1.73 m)

Measurments: 85-59-85cm

Ordon became a familiar face to Victoria's Secret catalog readers early in the 21st century. She has appeared in ads for L'Oreal, DeBeers and many other products, especially in Europe. Off-camera she has dated actors Stephen Dorff and Mark Wahlberg.

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I was in the mall today and I walked past the Bath & Body Works store and I saw a big poster of Julie in the window!!!!!! At first I thought it was Natalia V. but then it took me a second to realize that it was Julie, it was such a beautiful picture of her! :drool: and I wanted to go in but I was with a bunch of my friends who are guys and they didn't want to go in B&BW <_<

And i tried to find pics of her ads for them on the net but I can't...if anybody else can find anything, plz post it!

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Tally Weijl :wub:

(i made the eyes greener in the first picture, so if you think it looks unrealistic.. it was me ;) )





images over 600 pixels have to be linked or thumbnailed...edited by neo52285

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