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Lori Schmidtke

Height:172 cm

Hair:Light brown
Bust:81 cm

Waist:61 cm

Hips:90 cm

About Lori

A genealogical mix of Lithuanian, Norwegian, Sioux, Irish, English, Dutch, Swedish, and German decent. I was born and raised Christian in a tiny Sierra Nevada Mountain town by an avid outdoorsman/lawyer and pioneering computer programmer. I began selling newspapers at age 10 and at 16 was working for a local grocer.

After a semester of working and attending college full-time, I assumed an educational hiatus for 3 years to accept international modeling contracts in Paris, Milano, Miami, New York, Tokyo, and Osaka. In 1999, I met my husband, retired to local modeling, and resumed college until we decided to have a family.

I am a Personal Trainer, freelance writer, and do public speaking to teenagers and women encouraging them to live healthy and achieve their ultimate physique.

Currently, I have returned to modeling, am an online Senior at UTPB studying Sociology and Communication and continue homeschooling five of our six children. I relax and relieve stress through fishing, camping, gardening, marksmanship, singing, music, karate, and weight-lifting.


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Cosmopolitan Russia June 1999
''Patron of the Forest''
Photographer: Oliver Schutt
Stylist: Bastiaan Van Schaik
Make Up & Hair: Allard Honigh

Scanned by me

Thank you for the ID model @RocketQueen :flower:

cosmorussiajune99(1).jpg cosmorussiajune99(2).jpg cosmorussiajune99(3).jpg cosmorussiajune99(4).jpg cosmorussiajune99(5.jpg cosmorussiajune99(6.jpg
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