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name please ? she's leonisa lingerie model ? any id ? ID ? PASARELA LEONISA COLOMBIAMODA 2013

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any one please tell this beautiful model name from rampwalk for leonisa inner wear in 2013

can anybody share her name or id ? ID ?


there are no names for models in comments section on any site...  or on youtube, I had search a lot for her

(Swimwear Colombia Moda 2013 HD by Fashion Channel) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgDw6nDfe8E 

search for this on google she's at 00:44, 09:57, 20:17, 20:50


thanks in advanced ☺️


794c3ca930f586d308cffe995f735775.jpg da220810ced623cd28d126abcb0871dcf0c1d536.jpg desfile_leonisa_primavera_verano_2014_colombiamoda_265144300.jpg x1080.jpg

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  • Dkvicky changed the title to name please ? she's leonisa lingerie model ? any id ? ID ? PASARELA LEONISA COLOMBIAMODA 2013
On 4/26/2021 at 10:28 AM, Xerus said:


lol.... your choice to agree or not.  You're not checking carefully enough. There is at least 1 other models with that name, too.



MANNNN...plz check which image u have replied with ? violet color dress model is Bruna Loureiro ...do u think ? 

u have attached image & replied that she is Bruna Loureiro....

u have seen middle model with orange lingerie...I want left side model name....

794c3ca930f586d308cffe995f735775.jpg desfile_leonisa_primavera_verano_2014_colombiamoda_265144300.jpg
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