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Dazed & Confused Issue 56,1999

"To the Manor Born"

Photographer: Phil Poynter

Styling: Charlott Stockdale


Models: Fiona Adie, Jennifer Beatty, Bracha, Kelly, Phoebe Arnold, Tamara Winch, Stacy, Michelle Ferrera, Vanessa Castillejo, Sebastian Winston, Scotia Luhrs, Sarah Weller, Lauren Gold at Take 2


Stacy Gadsen, Lauren Gaitlin, Zoe Gray, Luciana Curtis, Piper Stark, Laura Corbett, Michelle Macki, Zoi Manzi, Elizabeth Turner, Robyn Bright, Victoria Townley, Ella McManey, Kristy Lee Axford, Elizabeth Kerry, Anna Milligan, Karen Wright, Emma Jacques, Amy Jacques, Francesca Knowles, Jane McManus, Danielle McDonnell, Sarah Challis, Jenny Durant, Kate Naylor, Sarah Holland, Katy Lyons, Sarah Giles, Caroline Salisbury, Linda Taylor at Models 1


Emma Kirk, Amy Kirk, Persephone, Amanda Powell, Stephanie Ansell, Susan Vitlar, Verity, Lucy Hayes, Angie, Sonia, Nadine, Eva Rice, Gemma Evans, Natasha Oh, Cristen Chin, Emma Eliasson, Petrina  at IMG London


Athena Currey,Lainey, Vanessa Pessu, Laura Pessu, Xuxa Pollard, Charlotte Baker, Caroline Caine, Lara Lishansky, Nicole Lovelock, Sanya Minic, Charlie Smith, Quentin Jones, Kerry Storr, Emma Smith, Gabriella Thorpe , Chantalle Klopper, Francesca Bodowska, Alizee Guinochet, Fiona Hampton, Rebecca Dutton, Tijana Milosevic, Zanetta, Kelly Ann Young, Emma Gregson, Susan Li-Ong, Rosa Roberts, Natasha Gilbert, Yomi, Leona, Adi Thompson, Chloe Brown, Tuuli, Elizabeth Hamilton, Philomena, Amanda Kreutner, Phoebe Parsonage, Cherrie Tabolt, Sophie Wingfield, Carlye Nabors, Shona, Athena, Currey,Chloe Webb at Storm


Joe, Alex Sibley, Daniel Mc Alpine, Dominic, Harry, Miles Wilson, Robert McNichol, Louis Dowler, Paul Barter, Russell at Select 

Scanned by Sanja

01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg 05.jpg 06.jpg

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