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Xin Li
Chinese model & actress

Date of Birth:28 December 1975

Place of Birth:Jilin,China


Height:179 cm

Bust:84 cm

Waist:61 cm
Hips:89 cm


Fashion shows:

Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 1998 {Collette Dinnigan}
Haute Couture - Spring/Summer 1998 {Givenchy}
Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 1998 {Amaya Arzuaga}
Haute Couture - Spring/Summer 1999 {Paco Rabanne}
Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 1999 {Jean Paul Gaultier}
Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2000 {Antonio Fusco, Etro, Giorgio Armani, Martino Midali}
Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2000 {Giorgio Armani}
Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2001 {Giorgio Armani}

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Harper's Bazaar Italy October November 1997
''Maxi pads''

Ph. by Lorenzo Tricoli

Scanned by Sanja

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6 (2).jpg 7.jpg

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vogue italia february 2001


photographer: peter lindbergh 

models in order of apperance: dawning han, aruna (阿留奈),Guinevere van Seenus, kim jihae, xin li,  couldn't identify the two white models next to xin, kae lee iwakwa, sunny (she's little known chinese model, appears in the last group shot on the far right)

5VbbrM0U_o.jpg h1BId9ov_o.jpg ralb4SIn_o.jpg MKVh8Rec_o.jpg wipXuKM5_o.jpg q4ib26hP_o.jpg SoWPd81T_o.jpg 6ux30nQI_o.jpg oh65wLFQ_o.jpg xQxPWK5B_o.jpg bODnJHjo_o.jpg sU6KbNjk_o.jpg lbR94H93_o.jpg mwPZsjC2_o.jpg K7txY6Gp_o.jpg 9knpjL7K_o.jpg p6rDkxjK_o.jpg OEp1AifF_o.jpg BVNhhBLu_o.jpg p9CT615E_o.jpg 5aQVTNIh_o.jpg PJ2KIFi6_o.jpg jvQJY7g7_o.jpg 6Ige5xzo_o.jpg awanJqWI_o.jpg 3ZYWvJLC_o.jpg KJ2G968O_o.jpg hdbnm4SV_o.jpg jdepHYXM_o.jpg ftUNuKBb_o.jpg HbiqViua_o.jpg LzwoUZZS_o.jpg yBMrgcvg_o.jpg UWGjY7qK_o.jpg

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