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Gaspard Ulliel


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French star Gaspard Ulliel attends the premiere of Brad Pitt’s latest movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, at the Cinema Gaumont Marignan in Paris, France on Thursday (January 22).

The 24-year-old actor, who has been in films like Hannibal Rising and Paris, I Love You, can next be seen in the film, Inside Ring (Le Premier Cercle). The thriller opens in French theaters everywhere on Wednesday March 11. Jean Reno also stars.


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GQ Italia February 2009:

post-16964-0-1445989594-43225_thumb.jpg post-16964-0-1445989594-71947_thumb.jpg

gaspardullielcn.com via tfs.

post-16964-0-1445989596-02153_thumb.jpg th_65677_zimona_gu03_122_530lo.jpg post-16964-0-1445989596-74093_thumb.jpg th_65680_zimona_gu06_122_6lo.jpg

(scanned by zimona @ LJ)

Screenshots from Le Premier Cercle:

post-16964-0-1445989597-14307_thumb.jpg th_65642_007_122_1044lo.jpg post-16964-0-1445989597-49852_thumb.jpg post-16964-0-1445989598-22725_thumb.jpg post-16964-0-1445989598-31784_thumb.jpg

Interview for Le Premier Cercle:

post-16964-0-1445989598-34169_thumb.jpg post-16964-0-1445989598-37093_thumb.jpg

gaspardullielcn.com via tfs.

only our beautiful gaspard could make those geeky glasses look chic!!

yum yum! :drool:

thanks for the pics!!!!

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