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Claudia Schiffer


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Thank you very much for your kind words Appleauto! It makes me happy to get such a positive feedback.

Oh this fantastic model has done so many good jobs in her career and made us happy with all those fantastic editorials, covers and catwalk jobs as brazilianaffair now shows the last days to have an overview about this excellent catwalks she has done

And so for us all it is not understandable that this woman who loved fashion and to be fotographed so much now retired so suddenly?

and also stopped her Claudia Cashmere line which was her new baby? and all without any information. This is not understandable as you know her.

Possible she needs a breake which we would understand but there are also no private pictures since month.

She seems to live on another planet! I also wonder that the press is not missing her?

I really hope for us loyal and confident fans that we see something of her in 2013!?

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She was indeed the catwalk queen of the 90 th... so many exits, wow. She took indeed the title " Supermodel of the 90 th", she was simply gorgeous and very down to earth. But therefore omnipresent at covers, campaigns, in editorials and on catwalk. She was a unique godliness. Very very outraging beauty.

She ones told when she is working she is another person as in private. She always told that she is very shy and not very self confident. But in front of the camera or on catwalk she is another person. I miss such models in the todays time like the good old 90 th supermodels. They all were so beautiful and special. These very the best times I think....

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thanks!I love the early Biagotti catwalk impressions and De La Renta, never seen that, thanks. and also Ralph Lauren is great. She also had the advertising campaign of the year 1996 for RL. Very classic look there in campaign and on catwalk . Gorgeous. Also this little Safari style looking outfits for RL 1997 are great.Never seen these various impressions of one outfit. Also Chanel. Wow.

Can you try to find Mila Schön? She also was at catwalk for her, around 1990. :flower:

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