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Petra Kvapilova


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I went to the Petra Kvapilova thread & posted the screenshot i had up earlier & someone on that thread said they were pretty sure it wasn't her. I took some more pictures from the movie & hopefully they will be a little clearer & maybe someone will recognize this girl. I may contact the movies' model casters. :laugh:

Here are 3 screenshots i took tonight:





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Well i did look up Nina Lisandrello & there were no pictures of her that i could find & very minimal information on her. There were a number of women that weren't given credit in the movie. Anyways, i did go through some photos of Petra Kvapilova & I found one that really does look similar to the features of the girl in 'The Devil Wears Prada'. I'm still not 100% sure, but i thought i'd put up the photo & see what youguys think.

modelbig401by3.th.jpg img0062pm5.th.jpg

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