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The Pipettes


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OMG i love Pull Shapes :dance:

is the rest of their album any good ? :fun:

They're not all as intensely dance-able as Pull Shapes, but they're a lot of fun. :) Dangerously catchy melodies.... I think I've had all of the tunes stuck in my head at some point :whistle:

Their lyrics are fun too:

"He knows all about the movements of the planets

But he don't know how to move me

He knows about the sonic spectrum, dammit

But he don't know if it's groovy"


I can't get enough of Dirty Mind, either. :)


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Also recommended songs (not on the album), if you can find them...

I Like a Boy in Uniform (School Uniform)

Sample lyrics:

"Well, I walked past him and I gave him a wink... He must think I am sexually impertinent!"

:laugh: :laugh:

Guess Who Ran Away with the Milkman?

A gorgeously catchy tune, I don't know why it wasnt on the album. :(

Magician Man

Not quite as good as the rest, but interesting spoken lyrics and harmonies.

The Burning Ambition of the Early Diuretics

That title alone.... :laugh:

Kitchen Sink

Terible recording quality, but fun. "Tie me, tie me, tie me to the kitchen sink... Why? Cuz I love him!"


Hard to describe... The girls and their backing band the Casettes sit around outside somewhere and make fun of British Kentucky-Fried Chicken customers with a made-up a capella song.


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