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Vogue Girl

Isabel Snyder

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Before working in photography, Isabel Snyder worked the arts, teaching and working in theater, music, and design. As a result, she developed a sophisticated sense for style and environment.

Isabel Snyder credits her diverse experiences in life as having an extremely influential impact on her work. Her two year sojourn to South America provided her with a unique perception into the human spirit. She utilizes this heightened intuition to enhance her portrayal of the personalities and celebrities she photographs. It is the "divine nature of each individual" that Snyder strives to capture through her lens.

Isabel Snyder began her involvement with photography 25 years ago. Shooting fashion and celebrities, the culmination of Snyder´s personal and professional history enables her to see, bring forth, and capture the essence radiating from within each subject.

Isabel Snyder's photographs have appeared in countless major publications, including: American, Italian, German, British, Spanish, Australian VOGUE, French, Italian, and American ELLE, US Magazine, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Rolling Stone, Instyle, Detour, Details, British GQ, German MAX, Amica, Italian Grazia, Swissair Gazette, and many more.



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Fendi Spring/Summer 1994 (Advertisement)

Model: Tanya Fourie

Photographer: Isabel Synder



archivio.vogue.it (Vogue Italia March 1994)

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Vogue Italia June 1992

"Go! Carre"

Model: Carre Otis
Photographer: Isabel Snyder
Stylist: Anna Dello Russo
Hair: Bernand Tamme
Makeup: Lutz Watermann






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